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With over ten years of experience, Zaou makes animations for a wide spectrum of clients and purposes. 


She is specialized in stop motion animation and likes to use all possible materials for this: paper, clay, fabric, paint, wool, and computers. These materials she uses to make Cut-out animations, puppet animations, hand-drawn, and digital animations.


She often works closely together with talented people from her wealthy network of film-, animation-, and sound-, people.






VPRO – Television broadcaster

Human –  Television broadcaster

KRO – NRV – Television broadcaster

Into The Great Wide Open – Music festival

Gemeente Nijmegen – City council

Gemeente Ermelo – City council

Gemeente Lingewaard  – City council

Gemeente Vught – City council

Bureau Beeldtaal - Film studio

Tweetakt Kaap festival – Theater Festival Utrecht

Cinekid – Film & TV festival for children Amsterdam

Fantastisch Kinderfilm Festival – traveling film festival for children

ROC Amsterdam – trade school

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